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i spoke too soon
i'm alone and i'm right
because i'm so happy for you
he began to think of the best way
i'm the most terrific liar
i just can't keep up
there was a stir and bustle
we drifted out of touch
i need you to be an adult
he wasted his dreams on dreaming
we forgot about stars
put me down
consistency and conformity
the sun shone, having no alternative
a man who invents himself
the human sense is so slow to react
no please thank you again
so increased by special means
love is real, so is loneliness
the mysterious excitement
they are repeatedly captured
a pleasant light which produces
while the field strength
all the while working himself
you don't act like you like it
he could not deny that he
at that moment i realized
a succession of impulses
it seems to get more
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